Award-winning cleaning and security services

We're so good, you'll barely know we're there.

Think about it. The only real time you notice the management of your facilities, is when there's a problem. Our job is to take care of your organisation. We work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep things flowing effortlessly. When you don't notice us, it means we're doing a great job.

You will always be the star of our show.

We're here to make your organisation sparkle and shine. So it's our responsibility to find efficient, cost effective and innovative ways to keep things working, and keep you secure.


People, processes and technologies.

Over the years, we've creafted a dynamic formula that pulls together fantastic, well-trained people, efficient processes and the latest technologies. And judging by the terrific feedback from our clients, it works.

Clients across the North of England.

We have working bases in the Leeds, Manchester and Lancaster areas and cover most of the North of England.

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Customer Service Charter.

We've created a customer service charter that outlines the things we think are really important to every existing and future client.

It's something we live by.

It's more than just words on a page, we live by these sentiments every day.

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